All I need to do is Worship

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All I need to do is worship. When I have come to the end of myself, I will go back to the basics. I will lie down flat on my face and worship you Jesus. From whence, does my help come from? but only you, the rock that is higher than I. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, the only one who can truly satisfy. Help me to see you with childlike eyes, always in wonder, in awe and in expectation. 

Lord you reward those who seek you, and in you the thirsty are quenched, the hungry are fed. But oh Lord, how my soul thirsts for you. Like a dear pants for water, so my soul longs for you oh Lord.

I long to drink of you, O God,
drinking deeply from the streams of pleasure
flowing from your presence.
My longings overwhelm me for more of you!
My soul thirsts, pants, and longs for the living God.
I want to come and see the face of God. – Psalm 42:1-2 (TPT)

There is a hunger I know I’ll always have. The more I have of you, the more I hunger for more. The more I take you in, the more room I have for more of you. For eternity I shall continue to long and thirst for you and you shall continue to expand my capacity. You’re just too good, too righteous, too holy, my heart overflows. What a privilege to even come in your presence. You are worthy of it all, because you withheld nothing back. You freely and abundantly gave, at great cost and my soul will sing you praises for eternity and more. 

That you took dust, modelled it and breathed your very breathe into me, to make me. That I was on your mind for aeons before I even arrived to this planet, my mind is boggled.  I don’t deserve it and yet in your sweet  overflowing goodness you still did it. You still chose me even when I couldn’t choose you. You anointed me even when I didn’t believe I was worthy and you put your spirit in me. My heart desires Lord, that you would be the wall around me and the fire within. Oooh what  privilege to be the apple of your eye, to be engraved in the palms of your hands and to be your beloved.

What can I give you in response? Nothing but whole hearted devotion, whole hearted surrender and whole hearted obedience. I lay it down at the alter again and again, because you are worthy. I will live in daily surrender, daily dying to myself and daily picking up my cross, because there is no other fitting response.  To hear your voice singing over me with rejoicing, Lord what is a commensurate response to such exuberant display of love? To love you, Lord Yahweh with every passion of my heart, all the energy of my being, with every thought that is in me and with all my strength.

10 Arise, my dearest. Hurry, my darling.
Come away with me!
I have come as you have asked
to draw you to my heart and lead you out.
For now is the time, my beautiful one.

11 The season has changed,
the bondage of your barren winter has ended,
and the season of hiding is over and gone.
The rains have soaked the earth
12 and left it bright with blossoming flowers.
The season for singing and pruning the vines has arrived.
I hear the cooing of doves in our land,
filling the air with songs to awaken you
and guide you forth.

13 Can you not discern this new day of destiny
breaking forth around you?
The early signs of my purposes and plans
are bursting forth.
The budding vines of new life
are now blooming everywhere.
The fragrance of their flowers whispers,
“There is change in the air.”
Arise, my love, my beautiful companion,
and run with me to the higher place.
For now is the time to arise and come away with me. – Songs of Solomon 2:10-13 (TPT)


I will arise and come with you to the higher place, Jesus, lover of my soul. When my heart deceives me, or when disappointment encroaches me,  one thing I know is true and stands outside time, is you Jesus. Your love, your faithfulness and truth. You’re the one who is true and faithful, you’re so faithful and you cannot deny yourself but to be faithful. Even as you allure me into the wilderness,  you speak tenderly to me and I can’t help but fall even more in love with you in the dry barren places.

You breathe hope into me again, you restart my lungs and give impart your breathing rhythm into me again, and all I have to do is follow your lead. Like a child I learn to breathe again. I’m willing to forget all I know about breathing, and have you teach me again and again to breathe. Teach me again to worship you Jesus in truth and spirit. Teach me again and again to come to you with no agenda, but just for you. To seek your face with all that I am, because at your right hand are pleasures forever more.

All I need to do is Worship!



  1. Vee Jones

    I felt this in my spirit. The Lord works to will and he is stirring up a hunger in his children.

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