Laos – Quiet Streams

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Laos has to be the most serene place I’ve ever been too. There’s a general tranquility around the place, that overflows into the people. People talk about how lovely people in a country are, but hands down Laos has some of the most beautiful souls. There’s a sense of peace which you feel whilst cruising along the Mekong River, as you take in the little houses nested in mountains, watch everyday fisherman in little boats, or families planting rice in the mountains.

Laos is not the most developed country in the world, but it’s beauty just emanates from  where the mountainous terrain kisses the Mekong river, the people who wake up early in the morning to feed the monks and the tasty food. 

I’ll keep it short, but you will not be disappointed if you visit Laos 🙂


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