Vietnam – Industrious Splendor

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I can honestly say Vietnam is he most industrious place I’ve ever been. Particularly in the big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, you’re squeezing past people, there’s barely room. At every corner someone sets up a stool and that’s a stall for that day’s business, be it nail bar, making some form of food e.t.c. And it’s the tiniest chairs known to man, like those chairs you get in nursery. Unfortunately I was not brave enough to try the street food, it was a bit intense for me, but now I wish I had attempted a little.


Ha Long Bay was my favourite. As you can see from the gallery below; there’s plenty of those majestic rocks popping out from this beautiful almost emerald colour water. Ha Long Bay was always on my bucket list ever since I’d seen it on Top Gear when I was 18. Typical with Top Gear those days it involved some form of crazy challenge I don’t even remember, but I’ll always be grateful they introduced this beautiful place to me.  I spent a night in a boat and it was so beautiful at dusk and dawn, looking at the sun piercing through the rock structures as it was gently bounced off the green water. Breath-taking…


My favourite city in Vietnam has to be Ha Noi. It’s a very pretty city with a lot of French influences, even the food. There such beautiful colourful laterns, if I could fit them in my suitcase I would have brought them all.




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